Praise Art
Created with children in a Worship Arts Camp, Summer 2009
  What is "Praise Art"?
Praise Art, is an exciting new way of teaching art concepts.
Praise Art, utilizes a HeART journal to reflect an  artist's journey down the path of their rich, artisitc experience.
Praise Art, combines worship with art, to create a sweet aroma to the Father.
Praise Art, is never results based, but seeks the experience of creativity, as a whole.
Praise Art , utilizes a myriad of mediums, and techniques, to offer a genuuine, unique art experience for you.

Praise Art, is all about creatively portraying the heart of the Father and the love of His Son, through original artwork.

Lisa Albinus is the founder of Praise Art.  In creating Praise Art, it is her  desire to assist future generations in searching for their own paths to creativity.  In exploring different mediums and different techniques, it is her  greatest desire,  that the "artist inside" can be unlocked in every child, for the Glory of God. 
See below for more information and samples of student's work:
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By "Coincidence" when the tapes was removed , to reveal the face of Jesus, a heart remained in His eye.  He looks at us with love ALL the time!
"How He Loves Us"
We are so happy to report that we have found a "home" in the Old Courthouse Theater Building!  New classes stating soon!
"Holy Spirit"
New classes are forming. Classes are limited in size and availability. Classes will last an hour and a half.  Sessions are still available.   Class sizes will be limited to 4 students in order to give individual attention.  Email me for availability in the schedule!
Lisa Albinus, the founder of Praise Art and the artist behind all of the artwork found in "Symphony of Grace", will be your student's sole teacher during their eight week sessions.
New "Praise Art" sessions are always beginning. Please email me for availability. Upon acceptance into the program, a 20.00 deposit is required to hold your student's place.   Each class will be 20.00, payable at the time of the class.  Tuition includes a blank visual journal, that will be handed out the first day of class, as well the use of all art mediums and supplies that will be used during class.
"Praise Art" classes will continue to go over:  Symmetry, transparency, primary colors, secondary colors, complementary colors,  monochromatic composition,  collage, drawing lessons, perspective and shading.  Students will use watercolor paint, tempera paint, pastel, water soluble oil pastels, watercolor pencils  and materials for collage.  Sessions will expound on the above lessons, and continue to introduce new concepts and new techniques. 
All classes will have a "Garden" of supplies to choose from and incorporate into their pages within their visual journals.  When the assignment is completed, student's will be allowed to pick and choose from the "garden" to personalize their pages.  A "Scripture Garden" will also be available to complement their pages.  "Gardening" is usually our student's favorite part of class!
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Classes are always forming - there is a $20.00, registration fee and the registration form must be filled out in order to begin scheduling classes.
We are now taking registrations for weekday sessions:  meeting  at 47 Spring Street, Concord, NC 28025.
Some Common Questions about PraiseArt classes:
"What should I be thinking about during PraiseARt?"
Quiet your mind and open your heart. Listen to the music and turn the "voice" off inside your head. Dialogue with the Lord. Think about the colors and the images that He is planting in your heart and ask Him to help you bring out HIS HEART on your paper!
He will, so think about Him and think about drawing closer to Him in intimacy!

"What in the world is FoDdeR??"
What in the world is FoDdeR? Think of ticket stubs and postcards, stickers and paper that is pritty or bold. Think of magazine pics that you like or words you want to incorporate into your journal.
Think of the little things that you are not sure what you are going to do with, but are somehow special to you.
This is FoDdeR!! This is the stuff to put into your journal to make it personal. FoDdeR is one of the layers of your journal and makes it your own!!
Start a FoDdeR box or folder today and make sure that you bring it in to every PraiseARt class!!

"Why can't we talk during PraiseARt?"
We can not reach into the heavenlies and experience the intimate dance of creation, when we are speaking, chatting and laughing. In order to dance with the Lord, we need to show up and be fully in His presence.

A waltz requires two to fully express the grace and beauty in the movements, steps and rhythm. Creativity requires the same committment . Be still, be quiet and let Him speak to your heart.

"What's the first step?"
The first step, or layer, on your pages is simply a laying in of color.  The students should do a quick wash of watercolor, or collage,  - just about anything to get rid of the WHITE that stares out at you!!
"What are CreaTive PRompts?"
The purpose of the creative prompts is to offer you a jumping off point. A place to launch from , in the privacy and solitude of home. This is the place to explore all of the concepts that we have been working on in class. This is your playground- this is the place to let loose and see what comes out – alone. Quietly. I put my music on and I pray and I dance with the Lord- over these very concepts! This is a tool to help you begin the visual journal process on your own. You are learning color and composition in class. The creative prompts are the place to let it all go and put it all together!
The visual journal is NOT a sketch book. It is a visual journal that represents a journey. It is a place for you to layer FoDder and journaling(writing) – over the artwork that youare creating. This journal is a place to reflect. You SHOULD be writing in it , writing over your artwork. Reflecting on the lessons and the scriptures. This is not a sketchbook that should be put away until the next PraiseARt class! Tuck it in the bag with your Bible – write revelation in it, document what the Lord says to your hearts. This is a visual DIARY , if you will, a journal that reflects who you are, what you are walking in and what scripture means to you.
Walk through your visual journals frequently throughout the week!
"What is a Daily Doodle List??"
ThIs is is simply a list of objects that I have compiled.  There is no order to them.  The idea is to have your child engage their "doddling brain" every day.  This is the quickest, easiest way to open up into our creative "wave".  The more your child doodles, the easier it is to get into the flow.  This is merely a tool to help them tap into their inner creativity and turn off the inner critic.  It doesnt matter HOW the doodles turn out, it is more important that they simply doodle!
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